About Craigpine Timber - Southland New Zealand

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Our Company

Craigpine Timber Ltd is a privately owned company governed by a board of directors. A dedicated and enthusiastic management team works in conjunction with a skilled and stable work force. Craigpine owns 4,000 hectares of timber plantations which ensures ongoing consistent supply. Our sawmill produce's 132,000 m3 of sawn timber output per annum. Craigpine makes this commitment to all customers

  • Timber of consistent quality
  • Prompt shipment
  • Enduring, mutually beneficial business relationships

We satisfy our customers' needs by producing and marketing Craigpine branded New Zealand Pine in primary processed form from secured log resource, providing quality employment for our team and giving the maximum long term return on our shareholder's funds. Craigpine is innovative, proactive and focused on growth strategies in its core business.