Craigpine Mill

In 1970 Marshall and Sons Sawmill in Winton was taken over by Craigpine. The site proved to be well situated to source and mill wood from Southland and lower Otago, then to distribute this quality timber throughout the world. Since the 1970s the site here at Winton has been continually developed to ensure Craigpine continues to be a first class timber supplier worldwide. Our most recent additions are focused on optimisation. The Headrig has Geometric optimisation scanning. The Edger, and Trimsaw have Biometric and Geometric optimisation scanning ensuring the boards we cut from our logs match our customers requirements. The final grading is also done with Biometric scanning technology, removing the higher variability that naturally occurs with human grading.

/Mill Images 2/ a (JPG - 78kb)

/Mill Images 2/ b (JPG - 66kb)

Logs Arriving at Craigpine Logs entering de barker

/Mill Images 2/ b (JPG - 66kb)

/Mill Images/ 4. OutFeed (JPG - 87kb)

Logs being scanned entering Head Rig Horizontal saw outfeed:  Separates timber to go to Edgesaw
and/or resaw

/Mill Images/ 5. Edge Scanning Deck (JPG - 84kb)

/Mill Images/ 7. Edge Saw (JPG - 76kb)

Edge Scanning Deck: Timber is scanned to optimize boards
Edge Saw Optimiser Screen; Showing optimum board to be
cut from timber.

/Mill Images/ 6. edge infeed (JPG - 82kb)

/Mill Images/ 8. Re Saw (JPG - 88kb)

Edge Infeed: Timber entering edge to be cut into various
finished board.
Resaw: Timber going through saw.

/Mill Images/ 9. resaw infeed (JPG - 85kb)

/Mill Images/ a. bin scanner (JPG - 82kb)

Resaw infeed: Boards entering saw to be broken down into
various finished sizes.
Bin Scanner: Scanner/optimiser. Scanning boards for end trim

/Mill Images/ b. bin sorter (JPG - 79kb)

/Mill Images/ c. end view of bin sorter (JPG - 84kb)

Bin Sorter: Finished Boards in respective sizes/grades for
End View of Bin Sorter

/Mill Images/ d. bin sorter (JPG - 84kb)

/Mill Images/ e. stacker (JPG - 83kb)

Bin Sorter Bin packs being filleted for drying.

/Mill Images/ f. stacker (JPG - 91kb)

/Mill Images/ g. stacker out feed (JPG - 84kb)

Stacker: Timber filleted pack. Stacker Outfeed: Finished pack (green) ready for the Kiln
drying process.

/Mill Images/ h. green mill (JPG - 87kb)

/Mill Images 2/ 1 (JPG - 72kb)

Green Packs awaiting Kiln drying. Green timber packs ready to enter Kiln for drying.

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/Mill Images 2/ 3 (JPG - 82kb)

Dried timber exiting the Kiln. Timber packs being defilited.

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/Mill Images 2/ 5 (JPG - 87kb)

Boards Being Turned for Grading. Board in slings prior to stacking.

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/Mill Images 2/ 7 (JPG - 89kb)

Boards being stacked into finished packs. Pack being strapped.

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/Mill Images 2/ 10 (JPG - 73kb)

Finished packs ready for containerising.
.Boards being reworked for an order.

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/Mill Images 2/ 12 (JPG - 70kb)

Packs being containerised A container full of wood being loaded onto a truck. Destination -
anywhere in the world.

/Mill Images 2/ 13 (JPG - 61kb)
Treated Timber ready for the local market.